Yes, big news indeed! Snow, the feature film based on my graphic novel of the same title, is available for pre-order right here!

Watch that delicious trailer and see the film in action. It’s real, and it’s coming very soon!

For the first 90 days of the film’s release, 100% of the money made goes to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Double-awesome.

Another year, another FanExpo! This was probably my sixteenth (?) time attending the convention, but only the second time attending as a plain ol’ fan. I went with my best friend to soak in the sights, sounds and (ugh) smells of Canada’s largest comic convention.

Highlights: having comic legend Neal Adams randomly strike up a conversation with us about pulled pork, meeting Geof Darrow, seeing the Twin Peaks reunion panel, and then being freaked the shit out by Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at a special screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. (It was my first time seeing the film; holy moley!)

Over two days I did a lot of bin-digging, and my friend and I cruised every aisle and every comic retailer multiple times, looking for hidden gems and random works. This is always my favourite part—I’m one of those weirdos who actually attends comic book conventions to buy comic books. Crazy, I know.

I made sure to hit up Artists Alley and get some indie books from the few people who still soldier on with that, as well as meet some students of mine. All in all, good times!

You remember that little book I did, Snow? The one I won’t shut up about? The one that’s now a movie? Well, crikey, it’s going to a second printing!

To celebrate the impending launch of the Snow movie, I’m printing up a second, special batch of books—with an all-new cover, brand-new bonus materials and even some new artwork.

I’ll let you know as soon as these become available, but for now, take a look at the process from pencils to inks to colour!


Our good pal Grover helps us understand Alone With You’s pseudo-3D environments.

Finally, the 8-way walk cycle is done. You can see the sprite scaling effects here.

Corrected the happy walk; now it’s a proper strut.

Maybe this walking animation is a bit too chipper.

Early animations and UI stuff. Math!

DAS HOBAK lives!

I have teamed up with fellow weirdos Matt Daley, Hyein Lee and Frances Lee to form DAS HOBAK—a comic-book collective featuring four odd friends.

Check out the new site, and come see us at Bit Bazaar on December 7!