You remember that little book I did, Snow? The one I won’t shut up about? The one that’s now a movie? Well, crikey, it’s going to a second printing!

To celebrate the impending launch of the Snow movie, I’m printing up a second, special batch of books—with an all-new cover, brand-new bonus materials and even some new artwork.

I’ll let you know as soon as these become available, but for now, take a look at the process from pencils to inks to colour!


Our good pal Grover helps us understand Alone With You’s pseudo-3D environments.

Finally, the 8-way walk cycle is done. You can see the sprite scaling effects here.

Corrected the happy walk; now it’s a proper strut.

Maybe this walking animation is a bit too chipper.

Early animations and UI stuff. Math!

DAS HOBAK lives!

I have teamed up with fellow weirdos Matt Daley, Hyein Lee and Frances Lee to form DAS HOBAK—a comic-book collective featuring four odd friends.

Check out the new site, and come see us at Bit Bazaar on December 7!

FanExpo 2013 report

For the first time in 13 years, I attended FanExpo Toronto as a regular fan instead of as an exhibitor. My cousin Curtis—who was the only cousin on my dad’s side who would play videogames with me when I was a child—came to Toronto to visit, stay with us and partake in this crazy, crazy convention.

To be honest, it felt really weird being at a comic convention and not selling books. I’m not sure I’d want to repeat the experience (at least not on FanExpo’s busiest, most human-packed day), but it was almost like a market research expedition. I trolled the entirety of Artist Alley, looking at what people were selling, paying attention to who was busy and who wasn’t.

Here, visiting with friends and ex-students was the highlight. It was nice to see people energetic, busy and having fun.

Love Love Hill girls Koyar and Kim represented (missing Dirchansky)

Most interesting at the show, however, was the inclusion of a series of indie game booths, which looked like a lot of fun. Local coworking space and indie game dev super-friend Bento Miso hosted a block of tables for small outfits like Spooky Squid Games and Christine Love to show off their wares. Even indie superstars Capy Games had a booth, demonstrating a new build of their anticipated Super T.I.M.E. Force to con-goers. If it makes sense, I’d definitely like to do this next year.

SpookySquid Games hates you

But my cousin’s visit was also to catch up and hang out, and so my wife and I showed him and some friends the sights—meaning restaurants, restaurants and more restaurants. We ate crepes, funnel cake, dim sum (even duck feet! That was a new one), fusion food, Chinese buns—you name it. Then we burned it all off with 5+ hours of foot-destroying tramping around at the convention.

Dim sum!

To top it all off, we actually attended the Silver Snail’s annual “Midnight Madness” sale—there were well over 200 people in line (we were thankfully right at the front), and it was hilarious to see lines of people in the store, clearly already exhausted from being at the convention, carrying 12-high stacks of humongous figures and books to the cash.

I didn’t buy anything. I couldn’t find anything I wanted! What a waste!

And this was the FRONT of the line

In the end, the weekend was a unique experience, and a great way to spend time with long-lost family. Also, did I mention Batgirl?

Nana nana nananana nana na

Bonus photos:

I injured my foot recently, so I was seriously in a lot of pain afterward

Goodnight, Toronto!

I went to GameOn 2.0 at the Ontario Science Centre with a friend; it was a pretty interesting peek down memory lane. I didn’t think it had enough original materials (like this original Tomb Raider cover art concept), but it was great to see all those rare and odd old consoles and computers.