1. Yes, you heard this right! My horror game, Home, is coming this year to Playstation 4 and Vita! 

    Read more about the announcement on the official Playtstation Blog.

  2. Finally, Home is available for iOS! Get it right now on the App Store, and make sure to play it in a scary place!

    The game is universal, and will run on your iPhone 4+, iPad2+ and 4th generation (or higher) iPod Touch.

  3. As a HUGE thank-you to everyone who’s supported Home on Steam this weekend, I wanted to upload this quick video diary. In this episode, I answer a few FAQs about the story and which is the “real” ending…

    I’ll be posting more of these as I have fun things to share. Thanks again, everyone!


  4. Home is now available on Steam!

    After a successful run on its own site, Home debuted on Steam this weekend to a surprisingly eager customer base, great press and a steady spot in the Top 20!

    If you’re on the fence, now’s the best time to jump in; Home is 15% off on Steam until September 6. Play the horror title that GamesTM Magazine awarded an 8/10 and called “a game everyone must play.”

    Buy Home on Steam!


  5. 21 DAYS LATER – Home Postmortem and Party!

    June 22
    Join us for a celebration of the release of Home here in Toronto! We’ll mingle for a bit and enjoy custom themed snacks and cocktails, then gather to hear the dirty postmortem details of what went right – and what went horribly wrong – in Home’s one-and-a-half years of development.

    • Drink a special Home-themed cocktail served live by a real human
    • Enjoy tasty catered munchies
    • Participate in the insanity wall
    • Play the game

    Doors at 7 p.m. // Postmortem talk at 8 p.m. // Party ‘til well after dark…

    Party hosted by Bento Miso
    #300 - 862 Richmond Street West
    Toronto, ON M6J 1C9 Canada
    View in Google Maps

    Space is limited, so sign up here!


  6. Home at Gamercamp

    This Sunday, I showed the first public demo of Home to a captive audience the always-fantastic weekend event, Gamercamp. It was attached to my talk, “Tell Me Another One,” which was a dissection of narrative and storytelling within videogames.

    (Game Prototype Challenge founder Jason P. Kaplan took this awkward photo of me getting pysched for the talk here: http://twitpic.com/7ksn1f)

    The demo went well enough, I think. In place of the intimate setting the game usually requires, we used a crowd-voting system to make choices as I maneuvered the main character.  

    if you attended the talk and have photos to share, let me know on Twitter (@benjaminrivers)!

  7. The new trailer for Home! This was created for the game’s submission into IGF 2012.

    You can see new screenshots and information on the game’s new website.

  8. Updated screenshots from Home; complete visual overhaul.


  9. This is a great example of how indie games can squeeze out atmosphere and emotion, even with such a simple premise. Very inspiring.